Fall Medley

This has been a week filled with:

  • crisp air
  • monster pictures
  • pumpkin carving
  • apple cider
  • golden sunlight
  • falling leaves
  • frolicking kittens
  • zombie-walking students
  • homemade mac-and-cheese
  • a princess costume

And now I am on fall break!

There were low points throughout the week.  Exhaustion and frustration overwhelmed me at times.  I just need to maintain my determination to do better, and let myself recognize that I am challenging myself by living abroad and teaching over three hundred students a second language.

I have been lax about snapping photos, but here is one of my make-shift princess costume.  I made a crown out of construction paper and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Also, Jesse requested that I post a video from his workplace.  He teaches some adults at a telecommunications company, and the elevator in the building is called a “pater noster.”  I’m not sure why it is still allowed to operate. This would be a violation of many building and safety codes in the U.S.  I guess they were once very popular in Central Europe but are very rare nowadays, for obvious reasons: the pater noster elevator has no doors and never stops.  You have to jump on and off, and hope that you don’t trip and die.

This evening my high school is having a freshman initiation ceremony, and tomorrow we are leaving for Bratislava and Vienna, so I will have many pictures to post soon.  Stay tuned, and thanks for being patient.

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  1. I appreciate the “likes” on this post! 🙂

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