Debrecen Botanical Garden

On Saturday morning, Jesse ushered me out the door on a walk to the University.  Our friend/his coworker had recommended that we visit the botanical gardens on campus because the orchids would be blooming.

An older gentleman was at the ticket booth.  I asked for two tickets.  In Hungarian.  He told me the price.  In Hungarian.  Then he asked me a question.  In Hungarian.  I can usually communicate what I need, but I always get in trouble with questions.

I explained that we speak English.  He said that he just speaks Hungarian.  He handed us a map, and I thanked him.  He laughed and said that I actually knew Hungarian very well.  I thanked him again and told him to have a good day.

I love those kind of interactions, where the other person is patient, kind, and impressed that I can speak any Hungarian at all.  Where we both laugh.

Because Jesse doesn’t have boots, we stuck to the shoveled paths in the garden.  Mostly we wanted to see the orchids in the palm house.  On a bleak gray day in February, the warmth of the greenhouse was welcome.  The orchid room was small, but we appreciated the beauty and delicate architecture of these exotic flowers.

I snapped some photos outside as we headed back towards the exit.  The temperature was hovering around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it was a perfect day for a stroll in the snow.  Over the next few days, the snow will begin to melt.  Spring is on its way.


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8 responses to “Debrecen Botanical Garden

  1. Jan

    Scarlett, your photos are always beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to be a regular, weekly blogger. I’ve really enjoyed your stories.

  2. Beautiful flower photos! I love orchids.

  3. You’d love parts of south Florida. I had never seen so many orchids just willy-nilly growing about as down here! No snow, though…:)

  4. Madhu

    The pictures are beautiful Scarlett 🙂 and Hi Jesse!

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