Roadtrip in Slovakia

When our group spontaneously decided that we wanted to rent a car and drive around Slovakia, the helpful woman at our hotel arranged for a red Škoda Roomster (a Czech car) to be delivered to our hotel.  We were slightly skeptical that anyone would actually show up with a car, but a man rolled up promptly at 8:00 AM and we were soon on our way.

The highways and roads in Slovakia are wonderfully smooth.  As we drove over a mountain, seemingly out of nowhere popped a view of a castle in the distance with the snow capped peaks of the High Tatras behind it.  As a passenger, I oohed and aahed while Jesse navigated some rather treacherous switchbacks.

The castle was Spiš castle, one of the largest in Europe.  As we got closer, we pulled onto a side road and parked in a farm field to take pictures.

After exploring the castle, we continued on to Levoča, an idyllic little town with historic Renaissance buildings. The beautiful facades rivaled any we saw in Florence.  We found a delicious pizza place for lunch, soaked up the sun, and made a cat friend.  Only Wendy was brave enough to go inside the St. James church to see the famous wooden altar.  A wicked arctic breeze was coming out of the church doors, and I found the sunshine more appealing!

The church is being renovated, and we were surprised to see this lying on the ground in the rubble:

I don’t think I have ever seen a human skull just lying on the ground before.  I’m assuming he or she was dug up during the renovation, but it seems very bizarre (and disrespectful) to leave it outside!

This orange kitty was enjoying the sunshine and was eager for attention.  Its close-set golden eyes made it look kind of goofy . . . which made me miss my own goofy cat who is in Michigan.

After two hours, our parking time expired (There was no meter, but rather a portly man in a yellow vest who kept an eye on the parking area).  We bade farewell to the cat and hit the highway once again to get some more mountain views.  Next post: Slovak Paradise National Park.

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