The Capital of Bohemia, Day Two

On our second day in Prague, we visited the Botanical Gardens.  The gardens are next to the zoo and overlook a seventeenth-century palace.  We enjoyed the beautiful spring day and although there were some fellow tourists wandering about, there were also a good number of local families.  We even saw a woman eating ice cream while walking a cat on a leash.

After exploring the botanical gardens, we went back to our hotel for a nap.  In the evening we found a delicious Indian restaurant in the city center.  After dinner we watched the sun set over the Vltava River.  Prague is just as beautiful by night as it is in the daytime.

On our way to dinner we had a bizarre experience.  We saw a bunch of smoke rising from a side street and spotted riot police standing on a bridge.  We thought maybe there was some sort of protest, but despite the smoke and the ominous figures on the bridge the crowd seemed mysteriously calm.

When we walked by again after dinner, we saw microphones and a camera crew.  The “riot police” were in fact extras in a movie that was being filmed!

It just goes to show that in Prague there is a surprise waiting around every corner.


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2 responses to “The Capital of Bohemia, Day Two

  1. Wonderful post, I was wishing I were there until I saw the riot police. Quick question, I’m going on a trip soon and was wondering what is the best way to exchange money before I go (or even while I’m at my destination) so as to get the best exchange rate? Any suggestions?

    • Thanks. Since the riot police were just for a movie that was being filmed, it turned out okay! My husband and I just use our American (and Hungarian) debit cards to withdraw money from an ATM as soon as we arrive in a new country. Chase bank charges us $5 for an international ATM withdrawal. This has worked very well for us. I am a little concerned about going to France specifically because they have chips in their cards and not the strips like American cards, so we may have a harder time finding an ATM that works.

      When my mom visited us, AAA travel agency helped her order some Euros before she left. She felt more comfortable this way. The exchange rate is probably not quite as good.

      Enjoy your travels!

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