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Story Time

On Wednesday, two worlds collided: my high school students visited my elementary classroom for story time.

As a special project, my ninth graders worked in groups to translate a children’s story from Hungarian into English.  They then illustrated their story.  I promised them that they would get to read their stories to primary students, and thankfully my colleagues at both schools helped make this happen.

The result was great.  I was really proud of my high school students.  They used their English to communicate a story to children, applying their language skills to real life.  I know how self-conscious teenagers are, and I know how hard it can be to speak in front of groups– even (or especially) small children.  They did a great job.

The first, second, and third graders listened in awe of the “big kids.”  I am so amazed at how much English they understand after just a few years of studying, and I hope seeing the high school students speak English inspired them to keep working.

9th Grade Girls

Second Graders

Second Grade Boy

9th Graders

9th Grade Boys

1st Graders

3rd Graders

The expression on this boys face really says it all.  He absolutely loves stories, and his third grade class got to hear them two periods in a row.  When he sat down for the second lesson, he said, “Kössönünk!” (We thank you!)  And he really meant it.

When I signed up to each in Hungary, I requested to be placed in a high school.  I didn’t find out until a few days before school started that I was teaching in a high school, a primary school, and a kindergarten.  At the time this surprise frustrated me, but sometimes it’s best not to get what you ask for.  Working with all ages has been very rewarding, and the Story Time project is a memory of teaching in Hungary that I will always treasure.


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